As a VERSA fellow, you will have two mentors:

Faculty mentors

Saharnaz Baghdadchi

Saharnaz Baghdadchi does research on electrical engineering and engineering education. Her VERSA project focuses on whether giving students choices in how they are assessed improves self-confidence and engineering identity.

Thom Bussey

Thomas Bussey studies chemical education. His VERSA project is about how an augmented reality tool helps students learn about the chemistry of biomolecules. 

Nate Delson / Lelli Van Den Einde

Nate Delson and Lelli Van Den Einde study engineering education. The VERSA project they are jointly supervising focuses on using data mining techniques to analyze how to improve a new software program for teaching students spatial visualization.

Emma Geller

Emma Geller studies the psychology of learning and psychology education research. Her VERSA project focuses on how students learn from prompts to discuss with peers and/or explain their own thinking in writing.

Quinn Konopacky

Quinn Konopacky is an astrophysicist. Her VERSA project is evaluating whether a mobile planetarium can help astronomy students learn spatial geometry and better understand the night sky.

Stanley M. Lo

Stanley Lo is a STEM education researcher and learning scientist. Their VERSA project examines the intersection of undergraduate student sociocultural identities, learning experiences, and career aspirations in biological sciences. (2 students)

Claire Meaders

Claire Meaders studies biology education. Her VERSA project focuses on analyzing the impact of discussion section structure on student experiences within section.  

Liam Mueller

Liam Mueller is a biology education researcher. His VERSA project focuses on developing computational models to classify the content of student "note sheets" for exams.

Melinda T. Owens

Melinda T. Owens studies biology education research. Her VERSA project focuses on how student identity may affect how students respond to Scientist Spotlights, homework assignments that feature counter-stereotypical scientists.

Katie Petrie

Katie Petrie studies biology education research. Her VERSA project explores what motivates, guides, and challenges instructors who incorporate discussions of race and genetics in their courses in an effort to reduce scientific racism. (2 students)

Pod mentors

To be determined!